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Peter Hurst, co-founder and chief executive officer of added asset and associates have been delivering success for private sector businesses, government agencies and NGOs with hands-on experience of conducting business in over 50 international markets. - As a seasoned expert in international business, Hurst has led numerous successful projects and initiatives across a wide range of industries. He has a proven track record of providing strategic guidance, developing effective marketing campaigns, and expanding businesses into new markets. - Hurst's expertise in cross-cultural communication, market analysis, and risk management has helped businesses navigate the complexities of operating in foreign markets. He has also provided valuable insights and advice to government agencies and NGOs seeking to develop sustainable and impactful programs in underserved communities around the world. Under his leadership, Added Asset and Associates has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to expand their global reach and achieve sustainable growth. With a deep understanding of local markets and a commitment to delivering high-quality results, Hurst and his team have earned a reputation for excellence and reliability in the international business community.

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